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Drift Station Call for Zines

23 Jan

Drift Station Open Call for Artist Books, Zines, and Other Publications

Curated by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson
Exhibition: March 2nd – April 26th
Opening Reception: Friday, March 2nd


Drift Station, an artist-run gallery and performance space in Lincoln, Nebraska, is calling for artist books, zines, comics, small presses, and other non-traditional publications. For the duration of the exhibition, Drift Station will become a bookstore/reading library where the public can look through, peruse, and purchase artworks.

You may send us as many copies of as many works as you want. Any and all publications will be included – our goal is to fill the gallery! Works will be displayed on tables and shelves and must be able to be handled by the public for the duration of the exhibition without gloves. Because of this work has the potential to get damaged, please do not send us elaborate or delicate books that are not meant for handling by the general public.

All work must either be free or for sale for under $30. In cases where work is sold, Drift Station will take a 40% commission and deposit the remainder into the artist’s PayPal account. Unsold works may either be left at Drift Station for later purchase/given away or will be sent back to the artists (SASE required).

WORKS MUST ARRIVE BY: February 18th, 2012


+ Submission form filled out, printed, and signed
+ Works to be included in the show
+ Self addressed, stamped envelope for return of works (optional)

Drift Station
Attn: Angeles Cossio
726 South 31st Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510

Please direct any inquiries to: mail@driftstation.org


Started by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson in 2010, Drift Station acts as a non-traditional
curatorial platform for innovative exhibitions, art, music, and performance based in Lincoln,
Nebraska, USA.



Fly Away Zine Mobile at MCTC Tuesday 9/20!

16 Sep

Hey, what are you doing on Tuesday? I hope you’re going to the Minneapolis Community and Technical College to check out their zine collection and the Fly Away Zine Mobile!

 On Tuesday, September 20 from 3-6pm, the Fly Away Zine Mobile will be parked immediately outside the main library entrance on the MCTC Plaza at 1501 Hennepin Ave. There will be a mini zine making workshop too!

The Fly Away Zine Mobile will be toodling around the Twin Cities until it leaves for warmer weather on Sunday, September 25th. Check out their schedule here.

Twin Cities Anarchist Book Fair this weekend!

14 Sep

We are so excited for this weekend, because the Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair is happening! The Zine Apothecary is inches away from Powderhorn Park, so we’ll have open hours Saturday and Sunday 12-3. Also, the Fly Away Zine Mobile will be parked there from 10:30-2pm.

Anarchists and radicals from all over the Midwest will converge with books, zines, music, crafts, food, skills and much more! The bookfair will be a place for everyone from the anarcho-curious to committed revolutionaries to meet, share ideas, and continue the fight for a world free of all oppression. General Admission will be FREE and all ages.

The Bookfair will include:

– Tables for publishers, distros, bookstores, infoshops, and organizations

– Workshops and skillshares on everything from Buddhist Anarchism to bike maintenance

– Author talks by Terry Bisson, Andrej Grubacic, Waziyatawin, Anthony Nocella, and others

– FREE lunch Saturday and Sunday

– Really Really Free Market!

– Music in the park!

-First Aid/Street Medic workshop from 4:30-6 on Saturday 17th in the Small Crafts room

– Games!

– After-party!

– And much more!

Check out their website for a list of participants and schedule.

Call for Submissions: Queer Enough, Issue #2

31 Aug

“Queer Enough” seeks illustrations and non-fiction stories or essays that reflect on experiences in different-gender relationships while being out as queer, for issue #2! Different-gender partners of queers who may not necessarily identify as queer are also welcome to share their thoughts and perspectives. Submissions can address any of these points or propose another topic that relates to queer different-gender partnerships:

– challenges specific to queer different-gender relationships
– feeling queer enough in a different-gender relationship
– queerness as encompassing more than sex or gender identity
– maintaining outness in a different-gender relationship
– defining your own queerness
– trans experience with changing gender dynamics in a relationship as one’s own gender identity changes
– relationships where one person is queer-identified and the other isn’t
– monogamy/non-monogamy in queer different-gender relationships
– being accountable for the straight privilege you might benefit from
– Is one partner’s identity affected by the other’s identity?
– queer visibility/invisibility in a different-gender relationship
– Does your behavior in public differ in a different-gender relationship (for example, hand-holding and other displays of affection)?
– how your private sexual practice is actually queer as can be
– how “opposite-sex” fails to describe your relationship, as if there was an opposite to your identity anyway! But to most of the world you probably look like a boy and a girl.

Submissions of any length will be considered, but the length of the submissions included in the first issue (approx. 300 to 1750 words) is a good guideline to follow.

Please include a unique title, a 1-2 sentence bio, and any contact info such as a website or email address that you would like published in the zine. Anonymous submissions will be accepted also. If there is any information included along with your submission, such as your name, that you do not want published please make this very clear.

Deadline is ongoing. Issue #2 is tentatively imagined for October 2011, but is entirely dependent upon your submissions to exist. If enough submissions come in by October 1st, this can be ready for Toronto’s Canzine. Send them in, the sooner the better!

Send writing as .doc or .rtf files (NO .docx files!!) and illustrations as high-res .jpg or .tiff files (minimum resolution 300dpi). If you would like to submit both artwork and writing, please send these as separate submissions. There is no guarantee that your art will be included with your writing and vice versa. Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the zine, but do not let this deter you from sending something in!

Submissions and questions should be directed to callforzines@gmail.com.

Issue #1 is available online at http://jamieq.net/details/zines/queer_enough.html

Salford Zine Library call for zines

26 Aug

Salford Zine Library(an archive of self-published work) is calling for zine donations to their library. They accept any thing self published.

Salford Zine Library will be at Salford Art Gallery from 15 October 2011 to 29 January 2012 showing the archive along side some original artwork, film showings and workshops.

Salford Zine Library is a non-profit venture which aims to create a library of self published work from around the world for all to access. The Library is based at Islington Mill, Salford (www.islingtonmill.com), home to over 50 artist studios. The library also tours the UK visiting schools, universities, public art galleries and book fares.

They will show a film at the exhibition made up of short videos that contributers to the library have made of themselves. The video will explain why contributors self-publish and about the self-published work they produce. To submit please email (salfordzinelibrary@googlemail.com) a short talking head videos no longer than five minutes. It will compiled and edited  together with captions for the finished film.  The Film is to show in Salford(U.K) Cardiff(U.K) Philadelphia (U.S.A) with further showings to be confirmed.

Send contributions to: Salford Zine Library

 48 Landos Court Gunson St

Manchester M40 7WT


Zine article in Twin Cities Metro magazine

4 Aug

Dana Raidt has written a little article about the state of zines in our fair city, and you should read it in this August’s issue of Twin Cities Metro magazine! It features the coolest mayor ever, Mike Haeg, and Zine Apothecary’s own Lacey Prpic Hedtke. And it’s fun.

Hi again, Twin Cities!

Ocean Capewell, High on Burning Photographs zine

3 Aug

Hey, ya’ll in the Twin Cities should go to this zine reading at Boneshaker Books by Ocean Capewell and some local zinesters. It’s going to be so much fun! We have to get ready for Twin Cities Zinefest with some ziney good times.

Call for submissions: a zine for pagans/heathens/witches/occultists who are trans and/or queer and who are involved or interested in social justice and anti-oppression frameworks and activism.

10 Jun

From Beyond the Fields We Know:

Are you some combination of trans, genderqueer, non-binary, and/or fall under any non-hetero orientation (queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, etc.)? Are you also a pagan, heathen, witch, and/or occultist? Have you felt alienated by most practitioners of your spirituality because of cissexism and essentialism, either implied or overt? Do you want to follow a pre-christian or nature-worshipping spirituality without all the cisnormative/heteronormative fertility-obsessed trappings? Do you feel alienated from paganism because you can’t relate to middle-class suburban or rural living, because you do not own your own home or have a yard to grow an herb garden (even if you could afford to)? Do you want to practice your beliefs without appropriating anyone else’s cultural heritage? I know I’m not the only one.

I have seen a few groups and individuals who have modified their practices to be (cis) LGB inclusive. Who says we can’t further evolve our spiritual beliefs and practices to reflect the true diversity of our experiences?

I am putting together a zine (to be published online primarily, but also in dead-tree print form available by request) about the experiences of trans and queer pagans (you don’t have to be both queer *and* trans but I am focusing primarily on non-hetero, non-cis experiences), with an overall theme of fighting kyriarchy and working toward social justice. I am accepting submissions of written or visual works that fit the theme. While I can not offer any monetary compensation for published submissions, anyone whose work gets included will be entitled to a free copy or two of the printed zine, and if you want, I will also put a plug in the zine for other projects of yours.

The zine will be half-size (5.5”x8”) format if/when printed, so please keep that in mind if you have a preference for how it looks. Please make any written works legible and in a size and font that is easy to read for those that may have varying degrees of sight-related disabilities (please type all written submissions, keep it a generic font and at least 12pt). English is not required but it would help if it were translatable so moderation of content is easier. I will accept .pdf, .doc (not docx!!), .rtf, or .txt files for written submissions (or just written in the body of an email is fine too), and pretty much any image format for any visual art or photography. Please try to keep the resolution of images 300 dpi and up. It’s also okay to submit something that isn’t totally new, such as a blog post you wrote last year, as long as it fits the theme. 🙂

Suggestions for submissions (or, a list of things I would eventually like to write about in the zine if nobody else does first):

  • Personal experiences of implicit or explicit transphobia/heteronormativity/racism/ableism/classism/general bustedness in pagan groups/covens
  • Critique of cissexism in pagan/wiccan/heathen core beliefs and mythologies
  • Sample rituals, spells, or other practical things, which have been created or modified to make it more focused on dismantling kyriarchy
  • Discussion of privilege in relation to paganism (i.e. when a pagan writer assumes all the readers are middle-class or higher, own their own home with a yard, have disposable income, and I could go on and on…)
  • Incorporating your spiritual beliefs in with your anti-oppression work
  • How to de-gender spirituality (or merely de-emphasize gender) and deconstruct sexist and essentialist narratives without shaming people for whom fertility *is* personally important, but deconstructing and decentralizing the standard cis-hetero-monogamous narrative
  • Even though there has been a lot written about cultural appropriation in neo-paganism, I would definitely like to include pieces about this
  • Also the idea that neo-pagans/wiccans/etc. are the Most Oppressed Religion In The U.S., which is an especially absurd mindset given the events of this past decade (see also: asshat atheists with persecution complexes, like Dawkins, etc.)
  • Ableist anti-science and anti-medicine bias among pagans, and how that relates to being a trans person accessing/reliant on medical transition (ALSO if anyone has one or more disabilities and how that also ties ableism with anti-science bias in very similar ways)
  • “Oh we’re not like THOSE people” attitudes among pagans/witches/herbalists that have classist/racist/ageist overtones, for example: “REAL pagans would never use cannabis or psilocybe mushrooms” or “witches are never satanists!”
  • Any privileges and intersections of oppressions that I have not specified in this call for submissions are also free for discussion, srsly

Also please note that inclusion of submissions is at my discretion. If I feel a piece doesn’t fit the theme, or includes oppressive content, I may ask you to change it or choose not to include it. This is not to say that I am going to be scrutinizing every piece as if I am the ultimate arbiter of What Is Progressive Enough. But please keep your own privileges in mind. For example, I will not include any use of language like “bio male”, “tr—-ies” applied as a general term, or busted generalizations about trans people as special magical third-gender beings (it would be a great idea to read through something like Not Your Mom’s Trans 101 or similar before writing something, if you haven’t already, and PLEASE remember to differentiate between your own personal experiences to avoid generalizing or projecting onto others), nor will I include anything that is appropriative of other cultures (i.e. if you are a white U.S.ian living on stolen land and benefitting from centuries of genocide and you are writing about your ~Native American shamanic path~ just, *no*). But don’t let that stop you from submitting. I am very open to discussion if you have questions about the project. I kind of want this to be a springboard for community building, a way to find each other and feel less isolated and abandoned.

ALSO I still need a title for this zine. It’s hard to come up with something that doesn’t use a “trans” related pun like “transforming” or w/e but that still conveys the theme somehow. 😛 I’m open to suggestions, since I am terrible at naming anything.


beyond.the.fields.we.know (at) gmail (dot) com

And please put something with “zine” in the subject line! Tentative deadline for submissions (to the first issue) will be March 12th so that it can be released by the equinox (Ostara for the northern hemisphere; Mabon for those south of the equator). The deadline may be extended if circumstances require it. Thanks!

Snap Zine Call for Submissions

3 May

SNAP ZINE is working towards its second issue. 
please email short stories, drafts, words and pictures to,

Deadline Friday 27th May!

Underground – Call for artwork

2 May

Direct link here: http://womanmade.org/entryform.html

Exhibition Dates: July 8 – August 18, 2011

Open to women, transgender, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming
people from the international community who make self-published zines,
comics, and chapbooks, as well as print, graphic, and comic art in all
media. This exhibition will include both a pop-up library of zines,
comics, and other self-published works, and a show of installed artworks
in all media. Apply to show in one or both exhibition components, but
please create separate entries for each.

For publication submissions: Enter one to three publications
following the guidelines on the publication submission form (pdf link
above). Mail-in or drop off entries only.

For art submissions: Use the online entry system (link below) or
for mailed entries follow the guidelines on the art submission form
(link above). Include an artist or project statement and a $30 entry

Online Entries Submit jpgs of three of your works on our website.

Curator: Ruby Thorkelson
Ruby Thorkelson is WMG’s Gallery
Coordinator. She is also a visual artist working in drawing, comics,
book-making, and collaborative projects, as well as a 2010 recipient of a
Community Arts Assistance Program Grant from the City of Chicago. For
more information, visit Ruby Thorkelson’s WMG Webpage.

Entry Deadline: May 31, 2011

Notifications: June 4, 2011 
*Scholarships readily available.