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Call for submissions to Shhhhh…

30 Mar

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We are currently looking for submissions for a zine focusing on queer feminine*-spectrum-identified (FSI) folks. So, if you ID as queer (however you define it) and in any way claim or accept “feminine” (however you define it) as a part of your identity, we’d love you to submit. We’re especially interested in FSI folks’ experiences of the queer community.

Some possible areas include**, but are definitely not limited to:
– transmisogyny
– silencing of FSI voices in and out of queer spaces
– sexism
– pronouns
– privilege
– misogyny
– labels, labeling ourselves and others, being labeled by others
– invisibility
– hair
– gender identity/ies
– fatphobia
– cissexism
– CAFAB*** privilege in the queer community, especially related to access to safe queer space
– body dysphoria
– banging / fucking / doing it

Please send your submissions via email to shhhhhzine at gmail.com by April 30th, 2011. Selections will be included per our selection.

* Whatever the fuck “feminine” means. /postmodernism
** This list is in reverse-alphabetical order to avoid privileging one possible topic over another and because the person who initially started writing this list is traumatized from always being last in grammar school due to having a last name that starts with a “W”.
*** coercively assigned female at birth

Your hosts…
– Dalice is a loud, queer, trans zinester and folksinger. She’s pretty much the raddest and makes tranz boyz cry like they’re chopping onions. She lives in the city of bottoms.
– Jami makes zines and wears dresses.
– Lynne is a poly FSI queermo born and raised in Chicago who vacillates between being almost absurdly confident and gut-wrenchingly shy. She’s a knitter, a slut, and a vegan, and needs to carry her camera around with her more.