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Bike-Sexuality — a call for submissions

5 Feb

Post from Taking the Lane:

The seed of this idea started while the submissions for Our Bodies, Our Bikes were rolling in. The first several entries were also the most frankly sexual, and their writers, even the ones who chose to remain anonymous, ended up being some of the most enthusiastic disseminators of the final product.


When an image of the entire design popped into my head, I knew it had to happen.

So: please consider this an open call for submissions for the zine Bike-sexuality: True tales of bicycling and desire.

Please send short, true tales involving bicycling and sex, sexuality, love, lust, gender, etc — whatever inspires you — to elly[at]takingthelane[dawt]com. Word count: anything from 200 word anecdotes to 1,000 word sagas. Along with your submission, please also include your preferences as to your byline (anonymity and pseudonyms are fine, just let me know). I will assume that names have been changed. Deadline: March 1, 2012. The goal is to publish it by summer.

Submissions may be as graphic or demure as they need to be. I’m most likely to publish stories that ring true, are extremely candid and/or honest, and have an empowering slant. This is a queer-positive publication.

Illustrations also sought!

Feel free to contact me with questions, ideas, or to talk over what you’d like to write in advance.


Call for Submissions: Queer Enough, Issue #2

31 Aug

“Queer Enough” seeks illustrations and non-fiction stories or essays that reflect on experiences in different-gender relationships while being out as queer, for issue #2! Different-gender partners of queers who may not necessarily identify as queer are also welcome to share their thoughts and perspectives. Submissions can address any of these points or propose another topic that relates to queer different-gender partnerships:

– challenges specific to queer different-gender relationships
– feeling queer enough in a different-gender relationship
– queerness as encompassing more than sex or gender identity
– maintaining outness in a different-gender relationship
– defining your own queerness
– trans experience with changing gender dynamics in a relationship as one’s own gender identity changes
– relationships where one person is queer-identified and the other isn’t
– monogamy/non-monogamy in queer different-gender relationships
– being accountable for the straight privilege you might benefit from
– Is one partner’s identity affected by the other’s identity?
– queer visibility/invisibility in a different-gender relationship
– Does your behavior in public differ in a different-gender relationship (for example, hand-holding and other displays of affection)?
– how your private sexual practice is actually queer as can be
– how “opposite-sex” fails to describe your relationship, as if there was an opposite to your identity anyway! But to most of the world you probably look like a boy and a girl.

Submissions of any length will be considered, but the length of the submissions included in the first issue (approx. 300 to 1750 words) is a good guideline to follow.

Please include a unique title, a 1-2 sentence bio, and any contact info such as a website or email address that you would like published in the zine. Anonymous submissions will be accepted also. If there is any information included along with your submission, such as your name, that you do not want published please make this very clear.

Deadline is ongoing. Issue #2 is tentatively imagined for October 2011, but is entirely dependent upon your submissions to exist. If enough submissions come in by October 1st, this can be ready for Toronto’s Canzine. Send them in, the sooner the better!

Send writing as .doc or .rtf files (NO .docx files!!) and illustrations as high-res .jpg or .tiff files (minimum resolution 300dpi). If you would like to submit both artwork and writing, please send these as separate submissions. There is no guarantee that your art will be included with your writing and vice versa. Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the zine, but do not let this deter you from sending something in!

Submissions and questions should be directed to callforzines@gmail.com.

Issue #1 is available online at http://jamieq.net/details/zines/queer_enough.html

The PPNNE Zine Project call for zines

6 Apr

We are making a zine (anthology) about sex….and taking submissions!  If you are interested in having a piece in the anthology, please click here for details.   We will be periodically posting here about ppnne zine news, updates on our project, and zinspiration.

Our anthology will be published in May 2011 and we are seeking submissions until April 1, 2011.

We are need content that speaks to every aspect of sexuality. For example:

Tell the story of your first period. Was sex discussed in your family? Abortion?  Adoption?  Trangender? Being gay? STD scare? Erections?  What was your first gyn visit like?

Submissions mentioning Planned Parenthood (in any way) will be given priority.