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Prairie Zine Project call for zines

30 Mar

The Prairie Zine Project is a student-led initiative on the University of Minnesota, Morris campus aimed at increasing the influx into our small, remote community of progressive voices on social issues. An old vending machine is being refurbished so that it can distribute zines on campus, and will be located in the University library for student use. We are interested in receiving zines that are related to feminism, gender issues, environmentalism, politics, art, and personal zines such as comics, poetry and narrative. Due to limited funds, we are sending out a request this first time around for zine folk to send us what they can. Although our campus is small, there is a lot of excitement around this project. It could be a great opportunity for publicity!
If you have a zine you’d like to submit, please send us at least 5 copies, along with your contact information for possible future orders as we receive more funding. Feel free to send us descriptions of other zines you may have that you think would be good for our project. If you have any questions, shoot an email to Laura Weldy at weldy006@morris.umn.edu. Zines can be submitted to the following address, preferably by April 15, 2011:

Laura Weldy
UMM Mail 1328
600 East 4th Street
Morris, MN 56267