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The Filth Submission call

4 Mar

The Filth is currently accepting submissions for our Sex Toy issue. You know that sextoy party you went to last year? We wanna hear about that. Remember the first time you bought/used something plastic/mechanical? Come on, don’t be shy. Have a favorite toy that you wanna recommend? Ever bought a toy for someone else? Worked in a porn shop? Don’t make us beg for it!!

This will be our spring issue, out in April. Deadline for submissions is MARCH 31, 2012! Send your best, dirtiest, filthiest stories, poems, pictures, drawings, and paintings to


Also, come on over and “like” us on Facebook to stay abreast of all Filthy happenings.
Issues 4 & 5 are available on Esty!! Or for trade.

Pandora Press submission call

3 Mar

Feminist comp-zine Pandora Press is looking for submissions for its third issue!  The theme is TIME.

Here are some prompts/ideas for where you could go with this theme, though this list is far from exhaustive:

– Waves of feminism: do you identify with a wave in particular? What do you think the 4th wave will look like?  Do you think that the notion of “waves of feminism” is a useful notion, or is it problematic?  Do you agree with the direction of modern feminism, and its fights/causes?
– A woman’s age/passage of life: What pressures are women under in particular with regards to age – what they should look like, what they should be doing (e.g. childbearing before the age of 35), what direction their life is supposed to take?  Are these realistic, or too constricting?
– The history of women/feminism: Are there any historical women or female activists that inspire you?  Any groundbreaking pre-feminist texts?  What was the world like for women before our era?
– The future for women/feminism: what would a feminist society look like?  How far do we have left before equality is reached?  Is it on the horizon?  Is it possible?
– Beauty standards: are women under pressure to avoid “looking their age”?  What qualities are associated with each decade of a woman’s life?  Are these fair?  What pressures are women under as each decade passes by?
– Young vs old feminists/women: are we being pitted against each other?  Or is the generational divide too wide to relate to each other?  Can we learn from each other?  Are there experiences that exclusively lie with one group, or are we not that different from each other?
– Issues that affect young people: sex education, virginity/chastity/purity myths, employment, higher education, etc.
– Issues that affect older people: how is one’s age construed in our society?  Are there prejudices against older people?  Are old people ever favoured over young people (e.g. older men = authoritative figures), or are young people overwhelmingly favoured in society?
– Our current “time”/culture: What sucks about society’s treatment of women?  What will our future look like – utopia? Dystopia?  Will humanity be better off, or worse off, once our generation has passed away?  What will be our legacy?

The deadline for the winter issue is 20 FEBRUARY 2012.

Contributors must be from Wales!  Just email your ideas, questions, or submissions topandorapresszine@gmail.com.  More info can be found athttp://swanseafeministnetwork.wordpress.com/pandorapress.

Call for Submissions: Orgasm Zine!

22 Feb

Our understanding of women’s orgasms from pop culture and porn is very narrow. In talking with other women we realized that our experiences of orgasms are extremely diverse, and this allowed us to embrace our own unique experiences of pleasure without feeling pressure to conform to a norm. We all have different bodies, so it makes sense that we would have different orgasms. We are compiling a collection of personal stories about women’s orgasms into a zine to hopefully help other women better understand that their pleasure is theirs alone and not what society says it should be. Please send us a submission of 500 words or less to the address below. You are welcome to start with one or more of the following questions, but they are only meant to get your juices flowing! The deadline for submissions is Feb. 29, 2012. All submissions will be anonymous unless otherwise stated. We recognize that gender is fluid and performative, and that “woman” is an unstable category. We welcome submissions from anyone who has ever identified as a woman. Happy writing!

-Do you have orgasms?

-How would you describe your orgasms?

-Do you have different kinds of orgasms?

-Have your orgasms changed over time?

-Do you think your orgasms are normal or typical?

-How do you communicate with a partner about your orgasms?

-Have you ever faked an orgasm? Why?

-Tell the story of your first or best orgasm

-Do you have difficulty reaching orgasm or did you in the past? What did you do about it?

-Are orgasms important to you?

-Do you experience orgasms differently while masturbating vs. with a partner?

-Do you have multiple orgasms, and if so, under what circumstances?

Send submissions to: orgzines@gmail.com

Call for Submissions: Doykeit Zine

21 Feb

Yes, this is short notice, but it’s worth hustling for. If you email sassyfrasscircus@gmail.com and say a submission is coming, they can give you a week or so!
From the Sassyfrass Circus blog:

After receiving some submissions and speaking with some invested folks, I realized that this project is bigger than Sassyfrass (see previous call) and deserves more time and space. Now it is its own zine, and you get more time to submit!

We are seeking submissions with a central theme of the cross sections of Jewish and queer identity, and how those identities might inform an anti-Zionist or Palestinian solidarity politic. Some organizing frames include the concept of “doykeit” or “hereness,” diaspora, assimilation, the rhetoric of “self-hate,” decolonization of Judaism, and experiences of queer identity as a Jew or in a Jewish context. Submissions should take the form of personal narrative, whatever mediums you want to use to express that. Any JPEGs should be black and white, high contrast and at least 300 dpi. The issue will be 1/2 size and black and white. Send submissions to sassyfrasscircus@gmail.com. The deadline is February 20th!

Penpal Adventures Call for Zine Submissions

8 Dec

Call for Submissions:
Penpal Adventures! A Curated Zine on the Experiences of Girls as Penpals

Were you a pre-teen or teen girl in the late 80s and early 90s? Do you remember penpal ads and slambooks? Did you collect stationery, address labels and have a special pen? Did you spend hours writing pages and pages to people you had never met and would probably never meet?

We want to hear about it!

We are looking for personal essays, nonfiction prose, comics, letters/excerpts, photos and ephemera from your days of pre-internet correspondence.

Possible topics include:

  • Collecting penpals
  • School penpals
  • Writing to strangers vs. writing to people you had met
  • Stationery and presentation
  • Your letter writing persona
  • The transition from letter writing to email, websites and social media
  • The privacy of pre-internet communication
  • Classified ads
  • How letter writing informed real life friendships and perceptions of how relationships should work

The zine will be half size and double page spreads are encouraged for visual work.

Deadline: February 1st 2012

Please send submissions to: penpal.zine@gmail.com

Pass it on.

Get Fit for the Pit #2 – Nutrition issue Call for Submissions

7 Dec

Get Fit For the Pit is a zine dedicated to fitness and nutrition with much focus on those of us who have come from a punk/activist background (or any background where sports and healthy choices were somewhat jeered).  I have noticed that our subculture puts a lot of emphasis on touring, traveling, going to shows, running on little sleep, etc.   These things do not always add up to a healthy lifestyle, especially as some of us are getting older.

I wanted to put a zine out about taking back our fitness and health.

Issue #2 is going to be all about nutrition.  Some ideas to get you going…

  • – What diet do you follow?
  • – What have you cut out of  or added to your diet?
  • – What success have you had with supplements?
  • – How do you stay on track when traveling?

This is not just about being vegan or vegetarian.  (I am actually neither, but respect both diets.)   I am looking for essays or information regarding what has worked for you in your nutrition habits.  Have you made a change that has made a huge difference for you, perhaps even eliminating symptoms of an illness you may have?

You have the option of emailing me your essay for me to lay out or you can do a half-size layout yourself and mail it in. Please keep essays to roughly 1000 words.   I am also looking for cover art, so please get in touch if you are interested!  As of now, the deadline for the nutrition issue will be December 31, 2011.

Email any submissions or questions: getfitforthepit@gmail.com

Mail to: Nicole Harris PO Box 35501 Richmond, VA 23235

Get Fit For the Pit #1 is out and available at the above address for $2 and 2 stamps or thru Click Clack Distro.

Please feel free to pass this information along!

Awkward Sex #2 Call for Submissions

6 Dec

From the Awkward Sex Zine blog:

For the second issue of our zine, we’re looking for personal stories, artwork and/or photographs that center around physically, emotionally, psychologically or otherwise awkward sexual experiences.

Contributors can be of any gender or sexual identity.

– Personal stories, artwork, or photographs under 3 pages in length
– Any identifying information about people should be changed to protect their privacy
– All submissions should be suited for black and white printing
– All visual submissions should be in .jpg format

Send your work and questions to awkwardsexzine@gmail.com, along with the name you’d like to appear with your work (feel free to use a pseudonym), your age, and location (city, state, and/or country).

DEADLINE: January 31, 2012

Call for Submissions: Collection of Queer Stories & Art about Migration, Immigration, Displacement, & Diaspora

5 Dec

From the Philippine American Writers and Artists blog:

Uproot: Queer Voices on Migration, Immigration, Displacement, & Diaspora

Vision: A fierce & gorgeous queer ‘zine about people in motion. That is, in this case, a collection of art in any medium translatable to the printed/electronic page: i.e. essays, stories, poems, drawings/paintings, or photographs, about migration, immigration, displacement, diaspora, or any other movement of (your) people.

Whether by force or by choice, by land or by sea, by foot or by vehicle, ethnic, religious, and cultural groupings of people have always moved across the earth. We have had our lands occupied and colonized, pushing us to the fringes. We have been enslaved, and we have been displaced by war and economic disparities. We have chosen to move, in the hope for better lives for ourselves and our families. These movements have shaped, shifted, and blended our cultures, our religions, our food, our music, our identities – our very selves. They may have created great hope in us, traumatized us, provided us with opportunities otherwise unavailable to us, or resulted in loss of language or family or more. Our stories about the ways the migration(s) of our ancestors, our families, and ourselves have affected and informed our current identities deserve to be told, and deserve to be heard, read, and seen.

The stories of peoples’ migrations and the subsequent effects on our cultures and identities are often told from the point of view of those who have historically held positions of power. This is no mainstream public school history book, y’all. Uproot aims to fill in and flesh out existing narratives, highlighting the perspectives and voices of LGBTQQI folks through our words, visual art, and other expression.

Who should submit: Queer folks (LGBTQQI, same-sex loving, two-spirit, or otherwise queer/non-hetero-ID’d folks)
What you should submit: Any writing or art translatable to the printed/electronic page. (Can’t believe I have to say this, but I probably do. Content/theme/subject should be about you or your people.) Please keep written submissions to 1,500 words or less. Contact me if you have a longer piece you would like to contribute. Limit one submission per person.
Where you should send your stuff: uprootedqueers@gmail.com.
When you should send it: By December 19, 2011. Please contact me if you would like to submit a piece but will need more time.
Why?: Because your stories and the stories of your people deserve to be told, and the world needs to hear them.

ALSO: If you are juiced to be a part of this and might have some time, skills, or resources to donate to the formatting/layout/printing and eventual distribution processes, please do be in touch! I’m doing this for nothing but love, and though I could probably pull together a passable yet somewhat bootsy ‘zine all on my own, and use my tips from two consecutive Sunday brunch shifts to print it out in black and white (and then use two consecutive Sunday evenings stapling it together) I would love to have a li’l help making it pretty. If you want to help me format or edit or start a kickstarter to fundraise for costs, etc., please holler atuprootedqueers@gmail.com, and put HELP in the subject line.

In love, and in hope that we all find a place to plant our roots and grow,

Call for submissions for Occupy Wall Street zine

17 Oct

The deadline for the Occupy Wall Street zine until Friday, October 21st 🙂 Send  your words / images to: occupywallstreetzine@gmail.com

Submit Your Work to Be Published in the 2011 NYLN Disability Culture Zine!

9 Jun


From the National Youth Leadership Network:

Are you a writer or an artist?


Do you want to express your feelings about disability culture, pride, identity, ableism, and more?


Do you want to have your work seen by hundreds of people?


If you answered YES to the above questions, consider making a submission to the FIRST EVER NYLN Zine Publication.


a black and white image of a typewriterThe NYLN disability culture zine is a 100% youth-made printable online publication.


We welcome any length piece of writing (poems! interviews! essays! blog posts!) or type of printable artwork (paintings! illustrations! digital art!) by any people with disabilities between the ages of 14 – 28 years old.


Writing must be at 8th grade level or as close to it as possible. To find out more about how to make your writing accessible, please contact us.


Deadline to submit is: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 so send in your contribution today!


To submit your work, get ideas, or have questions answered, contact the NYLN Zine Co-Chairs: Sara Moussavian (Written Work), saramoussavian2011@gmail.com or Emily Holmes (Media/Art Work) Cinderella_em1@juno.com.


About NYLN


The National Youth Leadership Network is a national nonprofit organization run by and for youth with disabilities. We work to build power and community among youth with disabilities.


To reach us, please contact Betsy Valnes, NYLN Executive Director, at 866-480-6565 or Betsy@NYLN.org.