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Pandora Press submission call

3 Mar

Feminist comp-zine Pandora Press is looking for submissions for its third issue!  The theme is TIME.

Here are some prompts/ideas for where you could go with this theme, though this list is far from exhaustive:

– Waves of feminism: do you identify with a wave in particular? What do you think the 4th wave will look like?  Do you think that the notion of “waves of feminism” is a useful notion, or is it problematic?  Do you agree with the direction of modern feminism, and its fights/causes?
– A woman’s age/passage of life: What pressures are women under in particular with regards to age – what they should look like, what they should be doing (e.g. childbearing before the age of 35), what direction their life is supposed to take?  Are these realistic, or too constricting?
– The history of women/feminism: Are there any historical women or female activists that inspire you?  Any groundbreaking pre-feminist texts?  What was the world like for women before our era?
– The future for women/feminism: what would a feminist society look like?  How far do we have left before equality is reached?  Is it on the horizon?  Is it possible?
– Beauty standards: are women under pressure to avoid “looking their age”?  What qualities are associated with each decade of a woman’s life?  Are these fair?  What pressures are women under as each decade passes by?
– Young vs old feminists/women: are we being pitted against each other?  Or is the generational divide too wide to relate to each other?  Can we learn from each other?  Are there experiences that exclusively lie with one group, or are we not that different from each other?
– Issues that affect young people: sex education, virginity/chastity/purity myths, employment, higher education, etc.
– Issues that affect older people: how is one’s age construed in our society?  Are there prejudices against older people?  Are old people ever favoured over young people (e.g. older men = authoritative figures), or are young people overwhelmingly favoured in society?
– Our current “time”/culture: What sucks about society’s treatment of women?  What will our future look like – utopia? Dystopia?  Will humanity be better off, or worse off, once our generation has passed away?  What will be our legacy?

The deadline for the winter issue is 20 FEBRUARY 2012.

Contributors must be from Wales!  Just email your ideas, questions, or submissions topandorapresszine@gmail.com.  More info can be found athttp://swanseafeministnetwork.wordpress.com/pandorapress.


Call for submissions – Hoax #7

2 Mar


The topic of Hoax #7 will be feminisms and CHANGE. We are eager for feminists of all backgrounds & genders to submit!

Potential ideas for material include, but are not limited to:

  • Goals: how we aim to act & who we want to become / thinking about the future of feminism / short term vs. long term planning
  • Measuring Change: methods in which we attempt to gauge change (grant cycles, report cards, the DSM, etc.) / is change quantifiable?  / a-ha moments in which we have observed noticeable differences in our communities / “normative” & expected changes (in terms of personal & community development, growing up, queerness as “a phase,” recovery, etc.) / delusions of “progress” / changes that have not necessarily been positive/ inspirational stories
  • Development: colonization & gentrification / community organizing (strategies, personal stories etc.) / feminist & queer geography / international gender issues / re-location
  • Loss: grief / assimilation / death of someone close to you / dealing with trauma
  • The Body: changing relationship our bodies over time (aging, weight, political beliefs, surgeries, etc.) / the “love yr body!” expectation within feminism (critiques of this expectation; positive stories) / body modification
  • The Self: personal growth & ways in which feminism has (or has not) pushed & challenged us / self-care & feminism / “the personal is political” – the importance of that statement paired with the necessity of challenging it / do we have a “true self” that escapes change? / how “coming out” alters the way that we relate to others & vice versa / stuff that others have tried to change about us (through force, coercion etc.)
  • Legislation: the pros & cons of legislative reform / does “radical” always mean a rejection of legislative reform? / obtaining legal aid / social factors that impact our relationship to the cops / when & if can the master’s tools be used to fuck with the master’s house
  • Visibility / Communication / Media: how our personal changes are showcased & read / self-expression (or lack thereof) & how it relates to feminism, queerness, zine making, etc / books, movies & music which have influenced us / changing nature of information sharing as it relates to feminism/ how the media has changed our perception of time & social justice work/ personal exposure & secrecy
  • Relationships: our feminism has impacted our interpersonal relationships (with family, friends, partners etc.) / relationships between who we are and what we can (& cannot) do / trying to change ourselves in order to feel accepted / how does (& doesn’t) feminism accommodate people who hold different identities & come from different backgrounds
  • Language: evolution of terminology & identity descriptors / nuances of identity politics in feminist & queer circles / what terms we embrace and cast aside over time / applications of the “feminist” label
  • History: unearthing connections with our predecessors / relationships to feminists & queers of the past / importance of historical perseverance / traditions (when to keep & to alter) / personal reflections & retrospections

we also totally need lots of artwork (photos, collages, illustrations, drawings, paintings, comics, etc.)! particularly for background designs and things that compliment the written material.

please aim to send us yr amazing material to hoaxzine (at) gmail (dot) com by april 1st, 2012. if you are interested, feel free to e-mail us yr ideas for topics & artwork!  as always, we are willing to work with you during any and every stage of the writing process. the sooner you send us yr work, the better!

it’s been almost three years since we first began working on hoax. since 2009, hannah montana has been taken off the air, carrie brownstein picked up her guitar again, ugg boots are even more out of style, & those of us in the US can officially be detained indefinitely. neither of us can believe how much this project has expanded since its inception. thank you so much to every contributor, reader, & supporter of this zine! we are looking forward to seeing yr work!

in solidarity,
sari & rachel

Zine & Not Heard # 3 call for submissions

19 Dec

From Zine and Not Heard’s sparkling new website:

Good habit, bad habit.’

Unfortunately for tommy and I we both suffer from chronic nail biting. Anyone who’s subjected themselves to this horrible condition will know the particular psychology pain that occurs when someone tries to stop you from finishing off the process. Find nail, bite nail, eat nail. Find nail, bite nail, STOP. I can’t express enough how much it hurts to not eat that nail; I really, really want to eat that nail, and in an automaton fashion, my hand always rises to my mouth in an attempt to have that final chew.

The third instalment of Zine & Not Heard will be devoted to all of the little superstitions, rituals and habits that make us tick. So boil your kettle twice, sharpen you pencil one and half times and contribute something spectacular.

Contributions to be sent to: andnotheardzine [at] gmail [dot] com

Call for Submissions: Collection of Queer Stories & Art about Migration, Immigration, Displacement, & Diaspora

5 Dec

From the Philippine American Writers and Artists blog:

Uproot: Queer Voices on Migration, Immigration, Displacement, & Diaspora

Vision: A fierce & gorgeous queer ‘zine about people in motion. That is, in this case, a collection of art in any medium translatable to the printed/electronic page: i.e. essays, stories, poems, drawings/paintings, or photographs, about migration, immigration, displacement, diaspora, or any other movement of (your) people.

Whether by force or by choice, by land or by sea, by foot or by vehicle, ethnic, religious, and cultural groupings of people have always moved across the earth. We have had our lands occupied and colonized, pushing us to the fringes. We have been enslaved, and we have been displaced by war and economic disparities. We have chosen to move, in the hope for better lives for ourselves and our families. These movements have shaped, shifted, and blended our cultures, our religions, our food, our music, our identities – our very selves. They may have created great hope in us, traumatized us, provided us with opportunities otherwise unavailable to us, or resulted in loss of language or family or more. Our stories about the ways the migration(s) of our ancestors, our families, and ourselves have affected and informed our current identities deserve to be told, and deserve to be heard, read, and seen.

The stories of peoples’ migrations and the subsequent effects on our cultures and identities are often told from the point of view of those who have historically held positions of power. This is no mainstream public school history book, y’all. Uproot aims to fill in and flesh out existing narratives, highlighting the perspectives and voices of LGBTQQI folks through our words, visual art, and other expression.

Who should submit: Queer folks (LGBTQQI, same-sex loving, two-spirit, or otherwise queer/non-hetero-ID’d folks)
What you should submit: Any writing or art translatable to the printed/electronic page. (Can’t believe I have to say this, but I probably do. Content/theme/subject should be about you or your people.) Please keep written submissions to 1,500 words or less. Contact me if you have a longer piece you would like to contribute. Limit one submission per person.
Where you should send your stuff: uprootedqueers@gmail.com.
When you should send it: By December 19, 2011. Please contact me if you would like to submit a piece but will need more time.
Why?: Because your stories and the stories of your people deserve to be told, and the world needs to hear them.

ALSO: If you are juiced to be a part of this and might have some time, skills, or resources to donate to the formatting/layout/printing and eventual distribution processes, please do be in touch! I’m doing this for nothing but love, and though I could probably pull together a passable yet somewhat bootsy ‘zine all on my own, and use my tips from two consecutive Sunday brunch shifts to print it out in black and white (and then use two consecutive Sunday evenings stapling it together) I would love to have a li’l help making it pretty. If you want to help me format or edit or start a kickstarter to fundraise for costs, etc., please holler atuprootedqueers@gmail.com, and put HELP in the subject line.

In love, and in hope that we all find a place to plant our roots and grow,

Submission Call – FAT-TASTIC #2

4 Nov

FAT-TASTIC #2 – A compilation zine about loving your fat body! Looking for personal stories, being fat & fitness/health, DIY tutorials, recipes, poetry, artwork, fat yoga tips, inspiration, recommended reading, movies, coping with fat-phobic people … Contact Sage with your submissions or ideas- sweetcandydistro@gmail.com * :Issue #1 can be found here: http://sweetcandydistro.weebly.com/compilation-zines.html

Call for zine submissions for a zine about GROWING UP!!

17 Oct

Barnard Zine Club is collecting submissions for a zine about GROWING UP!!

Tell them about: first times, childhood stories, “growing up Barnard”, awkward puberty stories, “the first time I realized I was…”

Send them stories, drawings, photographs, poems, comics, etc. to BARNARDZINESUBMISSIONS@GMAIL.COM. (Or email them to drop off hard copies in the library.)

Send them in by 11/11/11

W O M A N H O U S E zine call for submissions

3 Oct

W O M A N H O U S E zine wants your submissions for #4! feminist critiques of pop culture and creative writing and visual art relating to the female experience are examples of past submissions, but are not limited to that criteria. if you are unsure of whether or not we would be interested in your work…just ask! email questions and submissions to womanhouse.zine@gmail.com ♥ ♥ ♥

Deadline: October 15.

MCTC Call for Zinesters

9 Sep

For immediate release:

On Tuesday, Sept 20th from 3-6 p.m., the Fly Away Zine Mobile will visit the MCTC Library. The van will be parked immediately outside the main library entrance on the MCTC Plaza at 1501 Hennepin Ave, Mpls, MN 55403. Zines will be on display, the curator of the collection will be available to talk about the project, and there may be a mini zine-making workshop going on there as well.

On Saturday, Sept 24th from 12-5 p.m., the MCTC Library Zine Collection will have a table at the annual Twin Cities Zine Fest, this year to be held in Powderhorn Park, Mpls.

The week of Sept 26th-30th at various times throughout the week there will be a space set up inside the MCTC Library for people to “Make a Zine” or “Make a Button” or “Talk to a Zinester.” 

Sometime in November, the MCTC Library will dedicate a new locally handcrafted Zine Display Rack and will release 3 specially commissioned zines created just for the MCTC Library Zine Collection.

CALL FOR ZINESTERS: MCTC Library is looking for local zinesters to participate in our zine-focused events and/or to create specially commissioned zines for the library’s collection.

Please contact jennifer.sippel@minneapolis.edu (612.659.6434) for more information on these events, or if you’d like to be involved or help in any way. Thanks! 

These projects are supported by the Minnesota Library Foundation.


Queer Under All Conditions call for submissions

2 Sep

From Queer Under All Conditions’ website:

QUAC is an Orange County (UCI)-based zine project dedicated to archiving and distributing queer/trans voices, histories, experiences, knowledge(s), and survival tactics in the face of violent silencing within public space and dominant culture.  In keeping with this commitment to the queer/trans body as it navigates spaces (the university system, Orange County as a conservative / white hegemonic public, family spaces, sexuality, gender, etc.), the third issue of QUAC will be centered around queer / trans violence

potential ideas for material include, but are not limited to:

  • Definitions of queer / trans violence:  Is violence always physical?  How does violence operate within the queer / trans identity itself?  What is at stake in defining queer / trans violence?  What is at stake in ignoring violence?
  • Survival tactics and strategies:  What are some means of overcoming violence(s), both within and outside of our community(s)?  Particular examples or moments of perseverance, activism, pro-active resistance would be useful in creating a communal pool of knowledge.
  • Intersectionality:  How do our multiple identities create different experiences with violence?  Is inter-communal and/or intra-communal violence an issue at UCI and in Orange County?
  • Policing:  Many queer / trans people have had violent experiences with a policing of their bodies, whether it be in homosocial spaces (locker rooms, greek life, sports teams, bathrooms) or public space in general (glares on ring road for holding a partner’s hand, drinks at the pub, the police, etc.).  In what ways have we been pushing back against these types of violences?  Or is it possible to escape / resist this policing of heteronormativity / cis-normativity?  How do we reproduce these policing mechanisms with our bodies and language as well?
  • Bullying:  In light of intense public scrutiny of queer / trans bodies due to massive amounts of media attention on the bullied queer / trans (?) youth, what are the possibilities of change?  How can this momentum be utilized?  Are there problems with the way in which the queer / trans body is represented?  Is this a type of violence?
  • Silence:  What types of violences are we currently silent on?  Is silence / inaction a type of violence as well?
  • Gender:  In what ways is the gender binary violent (upon all bodies?)?  How do we define our gender in (potentially) violent spaces? 
  • Hetero/homonormativity:  How does a constant blasting of normative images violently erase / elide other ways of loving, being, and existing?  What tactics can overcome / liberate our bodies?
  • Family: Many queer/trans people experience violence not only in public spaces but also in the private space of the home. How can we develop healthy relationships with family members who try to silence our ways of self expression?  What strategies and tactics have been useful in surviving these types of violences?

As mentioned above, please do not feel that submissions need to be restricted to or specifically answer these questions. QUAC is interested in hearing as many different voices as possible, in whatever form or on whatever topic they choose to speak. If in the process of writing your piece unfolds into something else and deviates from the questions above, we’d still love to take a look. If you have an older piece which you think might be relevant to this issue (or not, hey, we’ll read it anyway) please feel free to submit it, too.

QUAC has always had a commitment to local artists, poets, and musicians—we would love to have your work in the next issue.  Please aim to have finalized submissions emailed to us by September 30th, 2011 at QueerZineUCI@gmail.com

Included in your submission, please include the name that you would like to be printed under, contact information (email, blog, website, etc.)  for our readers, and any other information that you would like to be printed alongside your submission.  Also, please include a current mailing address so that the editors can send you a complimentary copy of the third issue as a thanks for helping out with the project :]!

Also, the QUAC editors always need help with layouts and collages, if you would like to participate in a zine-making / background-making session, please email or message the editors.

The best way to stay up to date with the project is to (continue to) follow us on tumblr and “like” the facebook page.

It’s been exactly a year since QUAC was first started, and it has been an amazing ride thus far.  We greatly appreciate all of the time and effort of the contributors, fellow zinesters, friends, and supporters of the project.

We greatly anticipate your work, comments, suggestions, and love.

In solidarity:
QUAC Editors

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Anthology Of South Asian Queer Erotica deadline: 15th September 2011

15 Jul

Call for submissions: Anthology Of South Asian Queer Erotica [title forthcoming]


To be published by Tranquebar Press in 2012  

The spaces for expressing queer concerns have increased across South Asia in the last decade. Much is being written about sexuality, rights and queer lives. Yet, in all of this, sex itself doesn’t get written about very much and there is a dearth of queer erotica from South Asia. Contemporary queer erotica with a South Asian focus would make these queer lives apparent in newer and compelling ways. This anthology is an attempt to present queer, sexual, regional literature that pleasures and satisfies. It is about queer sex lives, erotic experiences and passions. Queer in this anthology represents non-normative genders, sexualities, lives and perspectives. It aims to bring out voices that have been limited to smaller groups or never heard before.


What we want:

We want stories of queer love, lust and craving. Sex, however you may define it, should be a big part of the story. We want gender play, auto-eroticism, dark fantasies, monogamous and non-monogamous sex, stories of bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. We are looking for stories of deep passions, stories that complicate sex. We want stories of desire, fulfilled and unfulfilled. Stories that defy the gender binary. Stories of how you sexed up your aids and appliances. Stories on masturbation or the pleasures of paid sex. Stories of how you steamed up a bus ride, ended a clandestine affair or fucked with sex toys. Share with us stories that confront, redefine, dispute and reclaim what sex is. Let your stories queer erotica itself.


We invite you to write short stories with South Asian themes, characters and places reflected in them. We are looking for a wide expression of experiences across age, region, class, ability, gender and sexual identities. Stories can be fictional, semi-fictional and non-fiction, but we are not looking for academic or solely autobiographical writing on sexuality. Your stories will shatter the silences around queer erotic lives and encompass their diversities, so let us have them.


Who can write:

We want to foreground the queer voices of people living in or originally from South Asia. Queer includes but is not restricted to identities like lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, intersex, hijra, kothi, questioning, genderqueer, genderfluid and pansexual. Authors do not necessarily have to identify with one or more of these identities but the stories they submit should reflect non-normative genders, sexualities, lives and perspectives.


How to submit:

We are looking for short stories with a word limit of no less than 3000 words. We regret that we are unable to include poetry.


All submissions should be in English. Translations from other languages are allowed as long as the author owns the rights to the translation as well.


Please submit the story as an email attachment on a word document. Please include a title and word count.


Do not include your name or any other identifiers in the word document. As we are using a blind submissions process, we will have to reject submissions that indicate the author’s identity in the body of the story.


Authors will be informed whether their work is selected by mid-October. At that time, we will request you to provide a name under which you wish to be published and a short bio.


All selected authors will receive a one-time payment. The copyright of the story will remain with the author.


The deadline for submission is 15th September 2011.


Send your stories to queerotic.stories@gmail.com


Now get writing about the kind of sex you have wanted to read about. And get us swooning!


About the editors:

Meenu is a queer feminist activist. She has been involved with issues of gender and sexuality through women’s rights organisations and autonomous collectives for the last six years. She lives in Delhi and is an avid reader of erotica.


Shruti is currently based in Bombay. In the last eight years, she has actively engaged with the women’s and queer movements in the country. Over the years, she has worked as a researcher, social worker and counsellor.