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Get Fit for the Pit #2 – Nutrition issue Call for Submissions

7 Dec

Get Fit For the Pit is a zine dedicated to fitness and nutrition with much focus on those of us who have come from a punk/activist background (or any background where sports and healthy choices were somewhat jeered).  I have noticed that our subculture puts a lot of emphasis on touring, traveling, going to shows, running on little sleep, etc.   These things do not always add up to a healthy lifestyle, especially as some of us are getting older.

I wanted to put a zine out about taking back our fitness and health.

Issue #2 is going to be all about nutrition.  Some ideas to get you going…

  • – What diet do you follow?
  • – What have you cut out of  or added to your diet?
  • – What success have you had with supplements?
  • – How do you stay on track when traveling?

This is not just about being vegan or vegetarian.  (I am actually neither, but respect both diets.)   I am looking for essays or information regarding what has worked for you in your nutrition habits.  Have you made a change that has made a huge difference for you, perhaps even eliminating symptoms of an illness you may have?

You have the option of emailing me your essay for me to lay out or you can do a half-size layout yourself and mail it in. Please keep essays to roughly 1000 words.   I am also looking for cover art, so please get in touch if you are interested!  As of now, the deadline for the nutrition issue will be December 31, 2011.

Email any submissions or questions: getfitforthepit@gmail.com

Mail to: Nicole Harris PO Box 35501 Richmond, VA 23235

Get Fit For the Pit #1 is out and available at the above address for $2 and 2 stamps or thru Click Clack Distro.

Please feel free to pass this information along!