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2012 Portland Zine Symposium wants your your artwork!

31 Jan

Hey zinesters!

The Portland Zine Symposium is looking for art submissions for the 2012 poster for the 12th annual Portland Zine Symposium. This year’s theme is “Sea of Zines.” Your art submission should be your creative interpretation of that theme.

They encourage artists to use any medium or style. They strongly prefer that the chosen artist is able to assist us in the process of transferring (resizing / cropping / etc) the image multiple mediums.

The formatting guidelines are simple:

– They are looking for a 11″ wide x 17″ tall poster that will also be used in other formats (the website, post cards, buttons, stickers, etc), so your design needs to be visible and striking at multiple sizes and resolutions (or have smaller, breakaway pieces).

– Only 3 colors! The design will eventually be silk screened / screen printed onto t-shirts, so limit your colors to black, white and one other color.

Your design should include (or be able to include once all details are finalized) the following:

– the theme –  Sea of Zines

– the dates – TBA (for now)

– the place –  Refuge 116 SE Yamhill

– the website  –

– “12th Annual Portland Zine Symposium” and the year “2012”

– “A conference and zine social exploring facets of independent publishing and DIY culture.”

Submission deadline is February 25th.

Submissions can be emailed to (most strongly preferred), mailed (to PO Box 5901 Portland, OR 97228-5901), or dropped off at the IPRC.


The Portland Zine Symposium is free conference and zine social exploring facets of independent publishing and DIY culture. The Portland Zine Symposium is a two day event held in Portland, Oregon every summer since 2001. It consists of two days of of workshops, panels, discussions, games and tabling of zines and independent media.

The Portland Zine Symposium aims to promote greater community between diverse creators of independent publications and art. This fun and free event helps people share their work while exchanging their skills and information related to zine culture. Through workshops, panels and discussions, Portland Zine Symposium explores the role and effect of all types of zines.


Call for texts: Mash Tun, A Craft Beer Journal

29 Jan


Mash Tun
A Journal about Craft Beer

The Mash Tun is a paean to craft beer. It follows the pleasures and aesthetics of craft beer and how it intersects with food, culture, and society.

The Mash Tun will feature interviews and profiles with brewery owners, beer lovers, brewmasters, beer distributors, scientists, industry impresarios, coopers, bottle makers, bar owners, home brewers and anyone who loves and is part of the process of making beer. There will features about figures in the industry as well as historical narratives. Short and long form entries will be interspersed with recipes, comics and photography featuring participating breweries, bars and restaurants.

The Mash Tun will be a four-color, 120-160 + page, perfect bound publication that takes the from of a journal and it will be published by Public Media Institute (PMI), producer of Lumpen, Proximity, Materiel and other periodicals. PMI is a non profit arts organization that produces publications, festivals and host cultural events in Chicago and sometimes elsewhere. Its home is in Bridgeport.

Volume 1 Issue 1 will launch during Craft Beer Week.

If you like writing about beer then you should participate. Send them a one paragraph pitch, a writing sample or two, and email edmarlumpen (at) There is room for a few more pieces.

The deadline for texts on Issue 1 is March 1, 2012.

Drift Station Call for Zines

23 Jan

Drift Station Open Call for Artist Books, Zines, and Other Publications

Curated by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson
Exhibition: March 2nd – April 26th
Opening Reception: Friday, March 2nd


Drift Station, an artist-run gallery and performance space in Lincoln, Nebraska, is calling for artist books, zines, comics, small presses, and other non-traditional publications. For the duration of the exhibition, Drift Station will become a bookstore/reading library where the public can look through, peruse, and purchase artworks.

You may send us as many copies of as many works as you want. Any and all publications will be included – our goal is to fill the gallery! Works will be displayed on tables and shelves and must be able to be handled by the public for the duration of the exhibition without gloves. Because of this work has the potential to get damaged, please do not send us elaborate or delicate books that are not meant for handling by the general public.

All work must either be free or for sale for under $30. In cases where work is sold, Drift Station will take a 40% commission and deposit the remainder into the artist’s PayPal account. Unsold works may either be left at Drift Station for later purchase/given away or will be sent back to the artists (SASE required).

WORKS MUST ARRIVE BY: February 18th, 2012


+ Submission form filled out, printed, and signed
+ Works to be included in the show
+ Self addressed, stamped envelope for return of works (optional)

Drift Station
Attn: Angeles Cossio
726 South 31st Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510

Please direct any inquiries to:


Started by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson in 2010, Drift Station acts as a non-traditional
curatorial platform for innovative exhibitions, art, music, and performance based in Lincoln,
Nebraska, USA.


19 Jan

From their Facebook:

WBAR Barnard College Radio and the Barnard Zine Club are collaborating to make a music-related zine to be published this spring. This will be WBAR’s first zine in almost a decade! Get excited and get involved!

We’re asking for submissions (poetry, prose, comics, artwork, concert/album reviews, haikus, etc.) from YOU–WBAR DJ’s, members of the CU community, WBAR alumni, musicians, zinesters, Barnard-zinesters & assorted randos not necessarily affiliated with WBAR or CU and interested in contributing to a zine.

Send in your music-related submissions (or cover designs) to before JANUARY 17th with the subject line “submission” or “cover.” Please limit your submission to one 8 1/2 x 11 in. page.


More information will be made available next semester about our joint zine release party/student showcase.

Write/draw/craft/whatever your zine submission over winter break and submit it to

Download past editions of WBAR’s Static Zine (Vol’s 1 and 4) for inspiration here:

Vol 1:

And here:

Vol 4:

Good Sex/Bad Sex #2 Call for Zine Submissions

13 Jan

CALL FOR ZINE SUBMISSIONS- GOOD SEX/BAD SEX #2 IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Issue 2 will be finished and available for the Chicago Zine Fest in March. sooo…. i want yr sex stories! the steamy, the saucy, the raunchy, the nasty. i also want the sad, the messy, the ones to laugh off, the ones you want to forget… basically, i want it all. any gender, combination, solo, couples, orgies- there is no discrimination to the stories in this zine.

issue two is aiming to be twice as big as the first! feel free to submit multiple stories! DEADLINE- FEBRUARY 1ST. send submissions to:

W O M A N H O U S E Zine Call for Submissions

5 Jan


▲▼▲▼ W O M A N H O U S E zine wants your submissions for #5! feminist critiques of pop culture and creative writing and visual art relating to experiencing gender, class, or race are examples of past submissions, but are not limited to that criteria. if you are unsure of whether or not we would be interested in your work…just ask!
email questions and submissions to ▲▼▲▼
SUBMISSIONS DUE: January 19th!

SUBMIT TO THE SHANTYQUARIAN – Get published by Letterpress Shanty @ ASP

31 Dec


Calling for submissions to The Shantyquarian, the communally-authored newspaper of the 2012 Art Shanty Projects, published by The Letterpress Shanty.

*****Tag your tweets with #shantyQ.*****

The basic concept behind the Art Shanty Projects: A bunch of crazy people build ice shanties and move onto a frozen lake for a month to engage the public in mutidisciplinary art forms, games, and spectacles on the ice. ASP is open to the public weekends, Jan 14 – Feb 5.

The basic concept behind the Letterpress Shanty: we’re combining online social networking with old-fashioned letterpress—pulling tweets from the web, setting them in type, and hand-printing them in our ice shanty.

We’re printing The Shantyquarian daily on the ice during ASP open hours (9 editions total, beginning Jan 14). The paper is a single-sheet broadside, set in wood and metal type on an old-fashioned poster press. The content for The Shantyquarian will be crowd-sourced from Twitter. This means that we’ll be tracking all tweets that include the characters, #shantyQ. Every morning during ASP we’ll select tweets tagged with #shantyQ and hand-print them for distribution to all shanties and visitors.

(Not on Twitter? We made it easy for you to submit through our website.)

You provide the content! Everyone’s a reporter, columnist, author, kooky letter-writer; etc. What kind of content are we looking for? Anything and everything. We have a bunch of suggestions on what to submit on our website [], but these are just suggestions; let your fevered imaginations loose. We’ll also announce themes for submissions on Twitter and Facebook.

What to do:
1) Follow @shantyquarian on Twitter
2) Tag your tweets with #shantyQ

It’s that simple. If you’re not on Twitter, you can use the submission form on our website []. We’ll also have paper forms available on Medicine Lake.

We’re encouraging friends and associates from all over the world to start tagging tweets with #shantyQ. Please share this with anyone who might be interested in getting their tweets published on an old-fashioned letterpress in an ice shanty. We’ll make scans of each edition available online.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us via Twitter or Facebook, or email us at

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you in print and on the ice!


The Letterpress Shanty
MC Hyland
Sarah Fox
Sara Parr
Jeff Peterson
Jon Peterson

* Follow @shantyquarian on Twitter:!/Shantyquarian
* Letterpress Shanty website:
* Letterpress Shanty Facebook:

* Art Shanty Projects website:
* Art Shanty Projects Facebook:

Zine & Not Heard # 3 call for submissions

19 Dec

From Zine and Not Heard’s sparkling new website:

Good habit, bad habit.’

Unfortunately for tommy and I we both suffer from chronic nail biting. Anyone who’s subjected themselves to this horrible condition will know the particular psychology pain that occurs when someone tries to stop you from finishing off the process. Find nail, bite nail, eat nail. Find nail, bite nail, STOP. I can’t express enough how much it hurts to not eat that nail; I really, really want to eat that nail, and in an automaton fashion, my hand always rises to my mouth in an attempt to have that final chew.

The third instalment of Zine & Not Heard will be devoted to all of the little superstitions, rituals and habits that make us tick. So boil your kettle twice, sharpen you pencil one and half times and contribute something spectacular.

Contributions to be sent to: andnotheardzine [at] gmail [dot] com

Penpal Adventures Call for Zine Submissions

8 Dec

Call for Submissions:
Penpal Adventures! A Curated Zine on the Experiences of Girls as Penpals

Were you a pre-teen or teen girl in the late 80s and early 90s? Do you remember penpal ads and slambooks? Did you collect stationery, address labels and have a special pen? Did you spend hours writing pages and pages to people you had never met and would probably never meet?

We want to hear about it!

We are looking for personal essays, nonfiction prose, comics, letters/excerpts, photos and ephemera from your days of pre-internet correspondence.

Possible topics include:

  • Collecting penpals
  • School penpals
  • Writing to strangers vs. writing to people you had met
  • Stationery and presentation
  • Your letter writing persona
  • The transition from letter writing to email, websites and social media
  • The privacy of pre-internet communication
  • Classified ads
  • How letter writing informed real life friendships and perceptions of how relationships should work

The zine will be half size and double page spreads are encouraged for visual work.

Deadline: February 1st 2012

Please send submissions to:

Pass it on.

Get Fit for the Pit #2 – Nutrition issue Call for Submissions

7 Dec

Get Fit For the Pit is a zine dedicated to fitness and nutrition with much focus on those of us who have come from a punk/activist background (or any background where sports and healthy choices were somewhat jeered).  I have noticed that our subculture puts a lot of emphasis on touring, traveling, going to shows, running on little sleep, etc.   These things do not always add up to a healthy lifestyle, especially as some of us are getting older.

I wanted to put a zine out about taking back our fitness and health.

Issue #2 is going to be all about nutrition.  Some ideas to get you going…

  • – What diet do you follow?
  • – What have you cut out of  or added to your diet?
  • – What success have you had with supplements?
  • – How do you stay on track when traveling?

This is not just about being vegan or vegetarian.  (I am actually neither, but respect both diets.)   I am looking for essays or information regarding what has worked for you in your nutrition habits.  Have you made a change that has made a huge difference for you, perhaps even eliminating symptoms of an illness you may have?

You have the option of emailing me your essay for me to lay out or you can do a half-size layout yourself and mail it in. Please keep essays to roughly 1000 words.   I am also looking for cover art, so please get in touch if you are interested!  As of now, the deadline for the nutrition issue will be December 31, 2011.

Email any submissions or questions:

Mail to: Nicole Harris PO Box 35501 Richmond, VA 23235

Get Fit For the Pit #1 is out and available at the above address for $2 and 2 stamps or thru Click Clack Distro.

Please feel free to pass this information along!