Zine & Not Heard # 3 call for submissions

19 Dec

From Zine and Not Heard’s sparkling new website:

Good habit, bad habit.’

Unfortunately for tommy and I we both suffer from chronic nail biting. Anyone who’s subjected themselves to this horrible condition will know the particular psychology pain that occurs when someone tries to stop you from finishing off the process. Find nail, bite nail, eat nail. Find nail, bite nail, STOP. I can’t express enough how much it hurts to not eat that nail; I really, really want to eat that nail, and in an automaton fashion, my hand always rises to my mouth in an attempt to have that final chew.

The third instalment of Zine & Not Heard will be devoted to all of the little superstitions, rituals and habits that make us tick. So boil your kettle twice, sharpen you pencil one and half times and contribute something spectacular.

Contributions to be sent to: andnotheardzine [at] gmail [dot] com


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