Queer Under All Conditions call for submissions

2 Sep

From Queer Under All Conditions’ website:

QUAC is an Orange County (UCI)-based zine project dedicated to archiving and distributing queer/trans voices, histories, experiences, knowledge(s), and survival tactics in the face of violent silencing within public space and dominant culture.  In keeping with this commitment to the queer/trans body as it navigates spaces (the university system, Orange County as a conservative / white hegemonic public, family spaces, sexuality, gender, etc.), the third issue of QUAC will be centered around queer / trans violence

potential ideas for material include, but are not limited to:

  • Definitions of queer / trans violence:  Is violence always physical?  How does violence operate within the queer / trans identity itself?  What is at stake in defining queer / trans violence?  What is at stake in ignoring violence?
  • Survival tactics and strategies:  What are some means of overcoming violence(s), both within and outside of our community(s)?  Particular examples or moments of perseverance, activism, pro-active resistance would be useful in creating a communal pool of knowledge.
  • Intersectionality:  How do our multiple identities create different experiences with violence?  Is inter-communal and/or intra-communal violence an issue at UCI and in Orange County?
  • Policing:  Many queer / trans people have had violent experiences with a policing of their bodies, whether it be in homosocial spaces (locker rooms, greek life, sports teams, bathrooms) or public space in general (glares on ring road for holding a partner’s hand, drinks at the pub, the police, etc.).  In what ways have we been pushing back against these types of violences?  Or is it possible to escape / resist this policing of heteronormativity / cis-normativity?  How do we reproduce these policing mechanisms with our bodies and language as well?
  • Bullying:  In light of intense public scrutiny of queer / trans bodies due to massive amounts of media attention on the bullied queer / trans (?) youth, what are the possibilities of change?  How can this momentum be utilized?  Are there problems with the way in which the queer / trans body is represented?  Is this a type of violence?
  • Silence:  What types of violences are we currently silent on?  Is silence / inaction a type of violence as well?
  • Gender:  In what ways is the gender binary violent (upon all bodies?)?  How do we define our gender in (potentially) violent spaces? 
  • Hetero/homonormativity:  How does a constant blasting of normative images violently erase / elide other ways of loving, being, and existing?  What tactics can overcome / liberate our bodies?
  • Family: Many queer/trans people experience violence not only in public spaces but also in the private space of the home. How can we develop healthy relationships with family members who try to silence our ways of self expression?  What strategies and tactics have been useful in surviving these types of violences?

As mentioned above, please do not feel that submissions need to be restricted to or specifically answer these questions. QUAC is interested in hearing as many different voices as possible, in whatever form or on whatever topic they choose to speak. If in the process of writing your piece unfolds into something else and deviates from the questions above, we’d still love to take a look. If you have an older piece which you think might be relevant to this issue (or not, hey, we’ll read it anyway) please feel free to submit it, too.

QUAC has always had a commitment to local artists, poets, and musicians—we would love to have your work in the next issue.  Please aim to have finalized submissions emailed to us by September 30th, 2011 at QueerZineUCI@gmail.com

Included in your submission, please include the name that you would like to be printed under, contact information (email, blog, website, etc.)  for our readers, and any other information that you would like to be printed alongside your submission.  Also, please include a current mailing address so that the editors can send you a complimentary copy of the third issue as a thanks for helping out with the project :]!

Also, the QUAC editors always need help with layouts and collages, if you would like to participate in a zine-making / background-making session, please email or message the editors.

The best way to stay up to date with the project is to (continue to) follow us on tumblr and “like” the facebook page.

It’s been exactly a year since QUAC was first started, and it has been an amazing ride thus far.  We greatly appreciate all of the time and effort of the contributors, fellow zinesters, friends, and supporters of the project.

We greatly anticipate your work, comments, suggestions, and love.

In solidarity:
QUAC Editors


One Response to “Queer Under All Conditions call for submissions”

  1. xxkultuur March 20, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    I grew up in Orange County. While I am not trans or even bi, I was raised with a respect for all human beings, and the best friends I have on this planet fall into every category imaginable. I recently returned to OC and was glad to find this much-needed voice of representation. Keep your voices loud and clear…they need to be heard.

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