Salford Zine Library call for zines

26 Aug

Salford Zine Library(an archive of self-published work) is calling for zine donations to their library. They accept any thing self published.

Salford Zine Library will be at Salford Art Gallery from 15 October 2011 to 29 January 2012 showing the archive along side some original artwork, film showings and workshops.

Salford Zine Library is a non-profit venture which aims to create a library of self published work from around the world for all to access. The Library is based at Islington Mill, Salford (, home to over 50 artist studios. The library also tours the UK visiting schools, universities, public art galleries and book fares.

They will show a film at the exhibition made up of short videos that contributers to the library have made of themselves. The video will explain why contributors self-publish and about the self-published work they produce. To submit please email ( a short talking head videos no longer than five minutes. It will compiled and edited  together with captions for the finished film.  The Film is to show in Salford(U.K) Cardiff(U.K) Philadelphia (U.S.A) with further showings to be confirmed.

Send contributions to: Salford Zine Library

 48 Landos Court Gunson St

Manchester M40 7WT



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